Our Fire Rated Steel Doors & Screens

We are now fully authorised for Aluprof Fire Rated Glazing Systems, approved for Manufacture and Installation. Aluprof Product Range is unique as it is a full product range Fire Rated Aluminium System – Curtain Walling, Doors & Windows.

We have recently completed a 60minute integrity and insulation Project in Edinburgh which included Doorsets and Framing Systems. Our fire rated systems provide an extensive range of solutions to encompass all requirements in protecting “fire zones” in the building, and help to secure evacuation routes. Fire Rated product range includes doors & external window walls and internal partition wall system as well as high-rise curtain walling system, complemented by slope glazing & roof light options. Depending on requirements, these applications can achieve different level of performance in terms of fire rating, starting from EI30 to EI120 for vertical screens, and REI30/RE30 for roof glazing. On the top of that fire rated doors can be fitted with an additional elements to provide smoke proof performance.

Aluprof Fire Rated Systems are:
  • Affordable
  • Unbeatable performance
  • Outstanding heat insulation and smoke-tightness
  • More design flexibility and better aesthetics compared to steel alternatives
  • Fully certified fire rated systems


Please click on the link for more details     http://gain-valuable-time.co.uk/